Cooking Course

“I started cooking from a young age, making cakes on a saturday morning with my Aunt and my Mum. The sights, and smells that came with cooking were all around me, during my childhood.

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When I was in high school, we were given the choice of type writing, or home economics. I chose the latter, and loved it. We had the chance to manage a budget, in order to make a meal and invite 2 teachers along.

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My friend and I went shopping to a small Tesco (As small as a corner shop) and we made a starter, main and a desert. I always remember that my friend could not cook! So she did the washing up.

The meal was presented in a small flat, which the school provided for use to the class. It was excellent. We also had regular cooking sessions, and I always remember making puff pastry.


We also had regular sewing lessons, in which everybody had to make a skirt, and a bag.

School in those days was a lot more practical, and we learnt skills that helped with day to day life. As a youth worker, I look to pass those skills on to the people I work with today, in the hopes that I can help them as much as I was as a young person.









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