Art Boot Camp 2018

Art boot camp – In October half term 2018 artist Beth Barlow worked with 10 young people on a four day “Art Boot Camp” at LKYPCG.

Prior to the camp 12 young people had met with Beth to find out about the idea, share their thoughts on art and develop plans for their “Art Boot Camp”. The four day camp comprised of a trip day, two making and learning days a skill swap event and a group exhibition. The trip day saw the group visit The Whitworth Art Gallery, My Lahore Indian restaurant, Manchester Metropolitan University special collections and MMU student studios.

The group then spent the second day, learning new techniques and developing their ideas. On day 3 each individual refined their idea and completed an art piece. These ranged from special effects makeup to life size sculptures. On the 4th day the group invited their families to attend a skills share experience. Each young person chose a skill to share and passed this skill on to one or more of their visitors.

The group also curated their own exhibition. Alongside the practical side of the course the participants were given the opportunity to work towards a Bronze Arts Award. This is an accredited award from Trinity College London. This involves being an audience to art and writing a review, being a participant in art, creating a report on an art hero and sharing a skill. Eight of the young people involved in the camp gained this qualification.

Those sitting the qualification had to attend an invigilation workshop where they spoke about their experience to a representative from Trinity College. The invigilator was impressed both with the work in their folders and the joy they expressed about the project.