WW1 Event! (St Thomas Church)


The community turned out en force the other week, as the LKYPG put on an event which served to inspire, to remind, and to make the public truly appreciate the work that the soldiers of the first, and the second world war.



With home made, world war 1 themed food, produced by Lesley, the group winged their way up to St Thomas Church, with their projector in hand, to show the members of the congregation, two films.


The first of which was a film which we had produced many years ago, called fruits of our labour. The film centres around a man named George, who has lived his entire life centred around the Kersal Vale Allotments, on Littleton road.

Taking us through the first, and second world wars, it offers us a slice of life from the perspective of a man who is trying to be the best person he can be.


The second film, was produced by Reel MCR, and was a poetry piece, titled Middleton Remembers. In this, members of the public recite poetry, about those they lost, during the 1st world war. Emotional stuff, and the message really hits home that these were just local lads, sent away, never to return.


The food was fantastic, and the members of the church sat around for a long while afterwards, talking amongst themselves, and remarking upon how brave some of the young lads off to war must have been, and how it reminded them of the tales told to them by their parents and grandparents.



Overall, the event went fantastically, due in no small part to the efforts of the LKYPG, the volunteers and Aaron Faulkner, who gave a little speech, to the members who attended.

Here’s to the next event!